GOOGLE CLOUD | Live, Predictive TV Spots

Companies everywhere are sitting on enormous amounts of untapped data. In fact, only 1% of the world’s data is actually being put to use. So to show businesses what Google Cloud can do with data, we used it to make live in-game predictions during March Madness.

Gold Cannes Lion — Creative Data
Silver Cannes Lion — Digital Craft
AdAge B2B Campaign of the Year 

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The Spots

LUC vs. MICH Prediction: 37 three-point attempts || Final Tally: 38

2nd-Half Prediction: 29 rebounds || Final Tally: 29

KU vs. NOVA Prediction: 26 assists || Final Tally: 28

2nd-Half Prediction: 55 shot attempts || Final Tally: 64

MICH vs NOVA Prediction: 130 possessions || Final Tally: 134

2nd-Half Prediction: 21 three-point attempts || Final Tally: 24


How Did We Pull It Off?

We built an app that not only enabled us to change copy and visuals in real-time—but assemble, render, and traffic an ad in minutes. This allowed us to be as live and contextual as possible.
So no matter where the data took us, we were prepared.


More Eye Candy

We worked with the talented folks at Gentleman Scholar to make hundreds of unique assets. These are some of my many favorites.